7th Regiment In a Different Light - Finale (from The Abyss) * Serenada Schizophrana * All Love Can Be * A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics  
Blue Devils Dreams and Nighthawks - Musical selections by John Adams * Simon Dobson * Paul Lovatt-Cooper * James Newton Howard * Dave Glyde * (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman * Laura * Harlem Nocturne  
Blue Devils B The Other Side - Dance Macabre * The Carnival of the Animals * Dead Man’s Party * Hello * Come Together * The Ecstasy of Gold * A Time For Us (Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet)  
Blue Devils C Candyland: Part Blue! - I Want Candy * Sugar Sugar * Stuck Like Glue * Sugar, We're Goin Down  
Blue Knights The Fall and Rise - Sun King * The Rite of Spring * Exit Music (for a Film) * Welcome to the Machine * Time After Time  
Blue Stars The Once and Future Carpenter - We've Only Just Begun * Skyscrapers * Precious Metals * (They Long To Be) Close to You * Images Oubliees * Rainy Days And Monday * I Won't Last A Day Without You  
Bluecoats Bird & Bela in B Flat * American Concerto * The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines * Pretty Saro * Home (from Congo Square) * God Bless the Child  
Boston Crusaders S.O.S. - Salvation is Created * A Breathless Alleluia * Marimba Spiritual * Sensemaya * Extinguished * End Credits (from Cast Away) * Amazing Grace  
Carolina Crown Beast - Symphony No.8, 4th movement * Build a Pyre * Destination Moon * Myth Forest * If I Fell * Blow It Up, Start Again * Epiphanies (Fanfares and Chorales)  
Colt Cadets Moderne - Un Bel Di (from Madame Butterfly) * Symphony No. 7, 2nd Mvmt. * Young and Beautiful * Bad Romance * The Hut of Baba Yaga * The Great Gates of Kiev  
Colts True Believer - Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child * Not to be Forgotten (Our Final Hour) * Farandole * Land of the Long White Cloud * Endless Night * Big Shot * A Piece of Sky (from Yentl)  
Crossmen The In-Between - Funeral For A Friend * Upside Down * Symphony No. 6 * Sweetness Follows  
Genesis RetroVertigo - The Day Begins * The Rhythm of the Heat * Retrovertigo * None of Them Knew They Were Robots * Inside Straight * Enter Sandman * Hope * Qué Sera Sera  
Guardians Damned - Featuring music by Kendrick Lamar * Kanye West * Kesha * Chance the Rapper * Childish Gambino * Beyoncé * Gustav Mahler * Daniel Montoya Jr., Doug Bush, and Patricia Islas  
Heat Wave of Florida The World Keeps Spinning - New World Symphony * The Times They Are a-Changin' * What a Wonderful World * Fanfare for the Common Man * There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow  
Impulse Time After Time - Primacy of Number * Time After Time * Time Is Running Out  
Incognito Neverland - Learn to Fly * Lost Boy * Neverland  
Jersey Surf [mondo mondrian] - Music for Pieces of Wood * Cornfield Chase (from Interstellar) * Variations on Ritual Fire Dance * Etude Op 10 No. 12 in C minor, Revolutionary * Behind Blue Eyes * Symphony No. 4  
Legends Along Came a Spider - The Rite of Spring * Itsy Bitsy Spider * Symphony #8, Mvt. 3 * Aha! * Spiderman Theme * Water Night * Metropolis Symphony, Mvt. 1 (Lex)  
Louisiana Stars Redemption - Temen Oblak (Dark Clouds) (from The Drop That Contained the Sea) * Bridge over Troubled Water * Piano Etude #13, L'escalier du diable (The Devil's Staircase) * Ode to Joy * Hallelujah  
Madison Scouts Heart & Soul - You Are Variations * Serenada Schizophrana * Rhyme of Taigu * Shape of My Heart * Aurora Awakes * Ainadamar * 34 Klezma * End of the Game  
Mandarins Life Rite After - String Quartet #8 in C minor Opus 110 (Allegro Molto) * Spiriti * True Colors  
Music City Hell on Wheels: The Final Journey of Casey Jones - Crazy Train * Hallelujah * Original Music  
Oregon Crusaders Redrum - Dies Irae * Music for Strings, Percussion and Celeste * Uninvited * Danse Macabre * Midnight and the Stars and You * Symphony for Organ and Orchestra  
Pacific Crest Here’s to the Ones Who Dream - Planetarium (from La La Land) * Overture (from The Artist) * Waltz for Peppy (from The Artist) * The 20th Century Fox Mambo (from Smash) * Audition (The Fools Who Dream) (from La La Land) * Pretty Peppy (from The Artist) * Epilogue (from La La Land)  
Phantom Regiment This New World - Finale (from Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium) * Piano Concerto No. 3 * A Child's Garden of Dreams * Picture Studies * New World Symphony  
Pioneer Celtic Dragons! - The Awakening * Taking Flight (from How To Train Your Dragon) * Dragon Fire * Beneath the Earth and Sky  
Raiders Beowulf: The Rise of a Legend - Beowulf: The Rise of a Legend  
River City Rhythm Each Hour Wounds - The Hours - Dead Things * Somewhere in Time * Each Hour Wounds  
Seattle Cascades What Goes Around - Wound Up * Spin Moves * Infinite Echoes * Unraveled * Ave Maria * What Goes Around... Comes Around * Around the World  
Shadow The Body Celestial - Shine * The Wayfaring Stranger * Aurora Awakes  
Southwind The Guitarist - Danzon No. 2 * A Mis Abuelos * Everything I Can't Have * Sing to the Moon  
Spartans Da Vinci’s Workshop - Meet Leonardo * The Vitruvian Man * Mona Lisa * The Workshop * Sogno di Volare  
Spirit of Atlanta Knock - LIT * Freak Flag * Hurt * Rattletrap * Break on Through (To the Other Side)  
The Academy Academic - The Imitation Game * Annie Lisle * Academic Festival Overture * The School for Scandal (Overture) * The Four Sections * Keating's Triumph  
The Battalion Seeing Red - Selections by Anton Bruckner, * Erik Satie, * Ludwig van Beethoven to be announced * along with original compositions by Shilo Stroman, * John Matthews, * and Alexander Entin  
The Cadets The Unity Project - Opening Scene * Sensemaya * The Sound of Silence * Misterioso * Demonic Thesis * Ara Batur * Ballet Sacra  
The Cavaliers On Madness and Creativity - Black Angels * The Triumph of Time * Bolero * Rose of Arimathea * Orawa * Vanishing Act * Alicia Discovers Nash's Dark World * Unraveled * Oh What a World * Somewhere Over the Rainbow (from the Wizard of Oz)  
Troopers The New Road West - Welcome to the Black Parade * Toward The Splendid City * Canyon Echoes * Both Sides Now * New Road West  
Vessel BLOOM - Induction * Maturation * Antithesis  
Watchmen Altered - Altered  
Atlanta CV Chaos Theory - (Repertoire not available)  
Bushwackers Pablo - The Canyon * Nature Boy * Cubism * Genius  
Cadets2 Industrial Awakening - On the Waterfront * That Next Place * Future Markets * Big Apple  
Chops, Inc. Skyscraper - (Repertoire not available)  
Connecticut Hurricanes Clash at Olympus - Original Music  
Fusion Core When I grow up... - Silverado * Selections from Apollo 13 * Jupiter (from The Planets) * Abram's Pursuit  
Govenaires A Wo/Mans World - It's a Man's World * Run the World (Girls)  
Hawthorne Caballeros DuEal - España Cani * Asturias * Original Music * Nights in White Satin * Main Theme from (Green Hornet  
Highland Regiment The Lion and the Cross - Moorside March (from A Moorside Suite) * Psalm 23 * Highland Castle - The Chase * Highland Castle - The Lake * Highland Castle - The Fling  
Minnesota Brass Between The Lines - Green * Mural (from Pleasantville) * Paint it Black * Pure Imagination (from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)  
New York Skyliners TOTALITY - Everything Changes... - Hymn To The Sun * Totality * Song Of Joy * Here Comes the Sun * Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me  
Reading Buccaneers Here To There - Hummingbird * Hunting Wabbits * La Danse Macabre * So Far Away * Symphony No. 4 * Original Music  
Sunrisers Outside In - A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics from (A Beautiful Mind) * Always on my Mind * Fly to Paradise * On my Mind * Dance of Vengeance (from Medea)  
New York Skyliners Alumni New York State of Mind * Puttin' on the Ritz * Hymn to Victory (from Victory at Sea) * America The Beautiful * Harlem Nocturne * The Elks' Parade * Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (from On Your Toes) * Little Old New York (from Tenderloin) * Signature (from On The Town)  
Kidsgrove Scouts A Les Miserables Story - (Repertoire not available)  
The Company On the Spot - Original Music * Paranoid Android * Stay * All We Got  
Sound Sport
Central Florida Sounds of Freedom Band and Colorguard We, Thee, and Me - Exes and Ohs * Just a Closer Walk With Thee * This is Me from the Greatest Showman  
Encorps This is How We Do It - Roundabout * Family (from Dreamgirls) * In the Marketplace * And Love Goes On  
Storm THE STORM OF WAR! - Mars, the Bringer of War * Catastrophic (The Chaos of War) * Pines of the Appian Way  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps. Note that corps are organized by current status so there could be cases where they do not show up in the right group for the year being displayed.