Regal Valiants

Villa Park, IL United States

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The Regal Valiants started in 1967 as Sea Scout Ship 350 parade corps (SS Beacon), all male, with 9 horns and 6 drums found in the Elmhurst YMCA basement. These actually were the remains of Villa Park American Legion Drum & Bugle Corps from the 1930's.

After 1968 the Sea Scouts wanted to return focus to scouting. What resulted was the corps that competed from 1969 thru 1974. (Averaged about 40-45 members, 18-20 horns, 10 drum line, 12-15 guard. In 1975 a merger with the Skokie Imperials ended the corps. Even though not very successful former members went on to the Des Plaines Vanguard, Cavaliers, Vaqueros, U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps, Imperials, Guardsman.

The corps went out with a bang in 1975 competitive color guard won a championship!

One season they put together a 2nd competitive color guard with members of horn and drum lines, a novelty. Appeared once on Chicago's Ray Rayner TV show.

The 1st uniforms were black & white, 2nd generation gold jackets Maroon sash, with grey pants/maroon stripe finally 1974 gold blouses, maroon diagonal stripe, maroon dickie, with maroon pants/gold stripe. White bucks and boots of course.

Some of the music played
This could be the start of something big
Give my regards to Broadway
Requime for the Masses
Battle Hymn of the Republic
When Jonny Comes Marching Home Again medley
Portrait of my Love
Good Morning Starshine
Indagadaveda drum line solo 1972

[Submitted by Ted Baur May 2012]

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Regal Valiants

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