Golden Shields

New Orleans, LA United States
Founded: 1969

Inactive Junior
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The Golden Shields were founded in 1969 by Louis Jeffries who also served as the corps director. The corps members were urban inner city youths and sponsored, in part, by the New Orleans Police Department of which Louis was a member. Louis was a contra player and later the drum major of the Southern Rebels from 1966, until he formed the Golden Shields in 1969; where he remained until his untimely death. The Golden Shields also marched a few Mardi Gras parades in their blue and gold uniforms.
Scores from their last season:

1971 Dallas V.F.W. Nationals Prelim scores
Louisiana corps:

Stardusters 86.30
Southern Rebels 62.00
Mascaraders 44.10
Golden Shields 41.50

[submitted by Thomas Lewis Brown April 2013]

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