Royal Lancers

Portland, OR United States
Founded: 1963

Inactive Junior
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"Back in 1938, a youngster of 11 named Bruce Plumb joined the Sons of American Legion Drum Corps in Villa Park Ill; carrying a flag while he learned to drum. 1943 witnessed a most important family trek from Illinois to Portland, Oregon . . . One which was later to alter the drum corps manner of the Pacific Northwest.
After helping in the formation of the Leathernecks Senior Corps in Portland in 1955 and aiding the Hawks of Oregon Junior Corps to win two state legion championships, Bruce found himself sidelined with a case of pneumonia in 1963.
He took advantage of the time to aid the Flamingo's from Salem, Oregon a bit and to figure out how to do something special for his family. He had a daughter who was one of the best french horn players in the Northwest, a couple of boys who played soprano and bass bari, a little guy who showed interest with drumming and a little gal with inclinations towards guard work ..... Then there was Mrs. Plumb, Mary Helen, who could sew like a dream and alter any type of clothing. He had a built-in drum corps, so why not enlarge his family and start his own corps? So Bruce had a little talk with the boys down at his Legion Post and wrangled Post # 1, Post # 165, and Post # 6 (Hillsboro) into lending their good names and financial help to start the ROYAL LEGION LANCERS DRUM & BUGLE CORPS in September of '63. These three posts can now claim to be the sponsors of the Oregon State Legion Champions for 1964, '66, '67, & '68. Of all corps in the Northwest, there is possibly only one other corps that has risen to such heights in such a short period of time, namely, the Bellevue Sentinels. But even the Sentinels, although they face competition tougher than that of the Lancers' past, has yet to win a contest in the A Division of the NWDCA. The Lancers did accomplish this last July, at the Water Festival in Pasco, Wash.
The Lancers was the first corps to move up from the B Division to the A Division in the NWDCA. They were the first corps to win the B Division Western Canadian International Championships, the win that placed them in the A Division. They are Oregon's largest corps, and Oregon's ONLY A Division corps in the NWDCA, a fact which just may change in 1969, as the Flamingos and Hawks seem to be on the move again. The drum line of the Lancers was last year's largest in the NWDCA, and they won above the average numbers of first place trophies for proficiency. The horn line developed into the second best in the region, topped only by the champion Shamrocks. 1969 saw the emergence of a totally new style of M & M for the Northwest, with the Lancers' drill being acclaimed as the highest G.E. scored throughout the season."

[From the February 26, 1969 DCN article Northwest Comments by Fred Lopez. From Duane C.]

Members (9)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Goddard, Jeff 2nd Soprano 1968 to 1969
Hall, D Guard 1972 to 1973
Hall, D Horn Line 1974 to 1975
langnese, spud frenchhorn 1964 to 1969
Lindberg, Yvonne Color Guard 1970 to 1973
Parrish, Wesley 3rd & 2nd Baritone 1972 to 1976
Worthington, Susi Color Guard 1972 to 1973
Yeakey, Meiko soprano 1972 to 1973
Ziebart, Ed Drumline 1970 to 1975

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Royal Lancers

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Royal Lancers

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Royal Lancers

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Royal Lancers

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