Anaheim Kingsmen

Other Names:Kingsmen

Anaheim, CA United States
Founded: 1965

Inactive Junior
1969 9 80.850 Ratatat * Navy Hymn * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * Fanfare For The New * Light My Fire * The Yard Went On Forever * McNamara's Band  
1970 Ballet In Brass * Navy Hymn * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * Fanfare For The New * The Yard Went On Forever * McNamara's Band * That's the Way it Was  
1971 5 87.750 March (from First Suite in E-Flat) * English Folk Song Suite * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * Mickey Mouse Club March * Ritual Fire Dance (from El Amor Brujo) * Sing Sing Sing * Exodus * King Of Kings  
1972 1 88.100 March from Folk Song Suite * When Johnny Comes Marching Home * Mickey Mouse Club March * Ritual Fire Dance (from El Amor Brujo) * Sing Sing Sing * Exodus * King of Kings  
1973 6 82.650 Suite for Band * English Folk Song Suite * Sabre Dance * Ritual Fire Dance (from El Amor Brujo) * Sing Sing Sing * El Cid * King of Kings  
1974 3 88.550 Dance at the Gym (from West Side Story) * March to the Scaffold (from Symphonie Fantastique) * Tubular Bells * Artistry in Rhythm * So Very Hard To Go * Firebird Suite  
1976 19 76.900 Mambo (from West Side Story) * Hill Where the Lord Hides * Cheshire Cat Walk * Artistry in Rhythm * So Very Hard To Go * Bravura Finale (from Firebird)  
1977 14 83.600 West Side Story Medley * I Believe in Love (from A Star is Born) * Watch Closely Now (from A Star is Born) * Evergreen (from A Star is Born) * Firebird Suite  
1978 19 75.000 Symphonie Fantastique * Blue Rondo A La Turk * Selections from Close Encounters of the Third Kind  
1982 28 64.150 Come Back to Me (from On A Clear Day You Can See Forever) * West Side Story Medley * Evergreen (from A Star is Born) * Overture * Jet Song (from West Side Story) * Maria (from West Side Story) * Gee, Officer Krupke (from West Side Story)  
1983 33 45.450 The Heat's On * Mars (from The Planets) * Night on Bald Mountain * Jupiter (from The Planets) * I Believe in Love (from A Star is Born) * Evergreen (from A Star is Born) * E.T. (from E.T.)  
1984 37 55.800 Ritual Fire Dance (from El Amor Brujo) * All Night Long (All Night) * Rio * Ballet In Brass * Evergreen (from A Star is Born) * Mambo (from West Side Story)  
1985 35 61.400 (Repertoire not available)  
1986 30 67.700 (Repertoire not available)  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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The Anaheim Kingsmen was a competitive junior drum and bugle corps based in Anaheim, California.

The corps had its beginning in the Anaheim Explorer Scouts in 1958.

When the Explorer Scouts came into existence, corps founder Don Porter had enough contacts within the military to secure practice sites on military installations such as taxiways and hangers. This military style carried over into the corps members' dress and behavior, precision and bearing as well, even out of uniform. Haircuts were short, sports coats were required, and "corps members were encouraged to walk in step with each other when seen by the public out of uniform."

The Explorer Scouts split into the Velvet Knights and the Anaheim Kingsmen in 1963.

Also known as The Blue Machine, the Kingsmen first made VFW Finals in 1969, placing ninth. In 1970 they placed second at American Legion Nationals. With a fifth-place finish at VFW Nationals in 1971, they became a charter DCI member.

Kingsmen sponsorship from such uniquely Anaheim industries as Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and the California Angels, as well as a strong parent group, ensured the group's financial strength.

In 1972, the  Kingsmen, Argonne Rebels, and De La Salle Oaklands joined with the ten corps from the Midwest Combine and the United Organization of Junior Corps as founding members of Drum Corps International (DCI), which remains as the sanctioning body for junior corps in North America

The Kingsmen's leadership situation was not as stable as its finances were. Long-time director Don Porter resigned suddenly in the spring of 1972, to be replaced by interim directors Don Wells and Don Linscott. Reports throughout the drum corps world had the corps folding. Despite the difficulties, after just six weeks of tremendously long hours and concentrated practice, the Kingsmen headed east and was able to win U.S. Open and CYO Nationals. They placed third in the first DCI Prelims, but then put together a great performance and made their mark in drum corps history by becoming the first World Champions in the history of the fledging Drum Corps International.

1972 was the Kingsmen's finest hour, but their success was part of the cause of the corps' eventual downfall. The concentrated rehearsal schedule leading up to the DCI Championship left no time for paying performances. This, combined with a motel stay the night before Finals and the loss of the financially savvy hand of Don Porter, left the Kingsmen unable to continue at the same level of intensity. The corps remained a contender for only three years before going inactive in 1975 to "reorganize its finances."

The Kingsmen returned to DCI competition from 1982 to 1986, but the corps never placed higher than 28th. Thereafter restricting itself to local West Coast performances in Class A60 the corps met with some success. While preparing for the 1987 season, their drum line was recruited by a Top 12 corps. When they also lost their fully loaded equipment trailer to thieves, the Kingsmen cancelled their season.

Operating under the slogan "spectemur agendo" (Let us be judged by our actions), the corps  moved to Stanton, California in 1989 and reorganized their bingo operation, which continued to run into at least 2002. The organization also purchased its own building in Garden Grove.

The Kingsmen have been active in winter guard and percussion ensembles since the late 1980s. A small brass and percussion ensemble named Star Corps was formed in 2002 with the intent of it being the startup for a return of the Kingsmen, but has gone no further. 

The 286-member Kingsmen Alumni corps marched a full field show exhibition at the 2007 DCI Semi-Finals at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on August 10.  

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Members (70)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Alva, Ken Lead Baritone 1976
Anderson, Gary bugle 1969
Anderson, Patricia Color Guard 1969 to 1970
Anderson, Steve Tympani 1976 to 1978
Arnot (Roebuck), Ann (Happi) flag 1982
Barnett, Victor Brass 1982
Biondo, Steve Tenor 1975 to 1978
Brown, Robert (Robbie) Baritone 1974
Craig, Charles Timpani 1978
Crew, Edward Percussion 1982 to 1983
Dean, Craig Contrabase 1969 to 1970
Devlin, Dave Snare Line 1977 to 1978
Douglas, Earl Drum Major 1966 to 1972
Frederick, Bob (Fred) bass drum 1974
Glahn, Jeff French Horn 1983
Good, JIm Drum Major 1972
Groh, Charlie Marching staff 1974 to 1976
HOUSLEY, RON Lead Baritone 1967
Hall, Lynne Color Guard 1968 to 1972
Harris, Wayne Baritone 1972 to 1974
Hathaway, Steve Baritone 1982 to 1983
Henderson, Lozell drumline(Quad Section Leader) 1985
Henderson, Scott contra 1982
Hernandez, Felix Hornline - Lead Baritone 1976 to 1978
Hernandez, Felix Hornline 1977 to 1978
Hicks, Audra Cymbals 1985
James, Bob Soprano 1983 to 1985
Kamer, Angela Color Flag 1982
Kean, Garrison French Horn 1968 to 1970
Kean, Garrison Drum Major 1973 to 1974
Kelly, Scott Baritone 1982
Keyes, Michael Contrabass 1966 to 1967
Laird, Steve Horn - Lead Soprano 1964 to 1970
Laub, Calvin Baritone 1976 to 1977
Leet, Sandy Soprano 1978
Lewis, Nathaniel (Junior) snare 1986 to 1988
Lucas, Jeff Baritone 1986
MARTINEZ, BILL Soprano 1975
McCay, Frank Drumline (Cymbals) 1978
Moore, Lester Contra 1974
Nash, Glenn French Horn 1968 to 1972
Neilson, Brian Soprano 1982
Nelson, Duane Baritone 1978
Oneyear, Kari Color Guard 1982
Ortega, David Baritone 1977 to 1978
Palmer, Randy Baritone 1971
Powers, Dwayne Soprano 1985
Powers, Dwayne Soprano 1985
Pugh, Mike Snare 1975 to 1977
Rochford, Greg Drum Major 1983
Rochford, Greg Guard/Visual Staff 1984
Romanelli, Mark contra 1974
Rybus, Joe Soprano 1972 to 1974
Saldana, Leonard Snare 1976 to 1978
Salvatore, Thomas french horn 1977
Sanchez, Ray Soprano 1976 to 1977
Senske, Rick Euphonium 1982
Short, LaVon Color Guard 1976 to 1978
Tesar, Scott Marching Mallets / Front Ensemble 2007
Vasquez, Rene' Horns 1982 to 1984
Ventura, Steve Soprano 1977
Vestesen (Bliss), Elaine saber Flag Flunky 1970 to 1972
Watt, Phil Cymbals 1985
Welke, Chris Lead Baritone 2007; 2009
Wilson, Greg Bass Drum 1972
Wilson, Greg Snare 1975
Yee, Jackie Rifle 1976
fitzgerald, jim baritone 2007
maciejewski, john Soprano 1974 to 1978

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Anaheim Kingsmen

Kingsmen Bumper Sticker from the Bill Ives Collection
Anaheim Kingsmen

Anaheim Kingsmen from the Bill Ives Collection
Anaheim Kingsmen

Anaheim Kingsmen 2 from the Bill Ives Collection
Anaheim Kingsmen

1969 Anaheim Kingsmen Drum and Bugle Corps @ VFW Prelims Philadelphia from the Roy Perez Collection
Anaheim Kingsmen

1971 Anaheim Kingsmen @ Prelims VFW Nationals –Dallas from the Roy Perez Collection
Anaheim Kingsmen

1965-1971 Anaheim Kingsmen @ VFW & American Legion from the Roy Perez Collection
Anaheim Kingsmen
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146-149, Anaheim Kingsmen from the Steve Vickers Collection