Blossomland Cadets

St. Joseph, MI United States

Inactive Junior
1970 Parade of the Charioteers (Ben Hur) * Sonny * Yankee Doodle Medley * Romeo and Juliet * (I'll Be With You) In Apple Blossom Time  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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" The Blossomland Cadets Jr. Drum & Bugle Corps was organized in the fall of 1965, under the sponsorship of Amvet Post 88 of St. Joseph, by L. C. Maynard, Dean De May, and Harry Briney. They made their first public appearance in the Blossom Parade of 1966, and are now also co-sponsored by American Legion Post 163 of St. Joseph, and VFW Post 1137 of Benton Harbor. Since their first public appearance, they have traveled thousands of miles, bought new uniforms, acquired two busses and an equipment van, all the result of fundraising efforts by the Cadets and their parents Group, and generous donations from local interested citizens. They have won more than a dozen first place trophies, including two Amvet State Championship Parade Awards, and are the possessors of the Second Place Amvet National Parade Award. They won first place awards at the Hart City Festival Parade at Elkhart, Indiana, in 1966 and 1968, Fourth of July Parade at La Porte, Indiana, 1966. In 1969, in appearances in parades and competitions in the Mid-America Drum & Bugle Corps Circuit, they won five awards. They also traveled to Brantford, Ontario, Canada, as the official Drum Corps of the Berrien County athletes at the Canamer Games. The Cadets have visited many mid-western communities, carrying the name of the Twin Cities to those areas. Their music for 1970 includes the "March of the Charioteers", "Sonny", "Yankee Doodle Medley", "Romeo and Juliet", and their theme song "Apple Blossom Time". Mr Romain Celmer is Corps Manager, Musical Director, Perry McCarty; Drum Instructor, Larry Skiboe, Drill Designer and Marching and Maneuvering Instructor, Mr. Gene Hasselfeldt. Transportation Chairman is James Hornus. Their Parent Group is headed by Mrs. Eber Van Brocklin, Mrs. James Hornus, Mrs. Dorothy Wolf, and Mr. Virgil Bennett. Mr. Ray Lynn Mull, Commander of Amvet Post 88, has given so much of his time and efforts that the Cadets have designated him an honorary member. "

[From the "STARS AND STRIPES IN MUSIC" Show Program on the 13 June 1970 at Filstrup Field in Benton Harbor, MI. From the Scrapbook of the Russ Jones Archives.]

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