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Pendleton, OR United States

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The Rangers were formed in the fall of 1963. A large influence on the corps formation came from an exhibition of the Casper Troopers in downtown Pendleton, Oregon earlier during the summer (they made the stop over either going to or coming from the Seattle VFW Nationals).

The Rangers were never totally successful in competition rankings but provided the same drum corps experiences that one would have also experienced in the larger and better corps. The peak year for the corps was in 1967. Even though the corps was not ranked the best corps in Oregon, they were able to outscore all other Oregon corps in one show or another that year.

As members graduated from high school or moved on to other cities, former Rangers became members of other Northwest and National corps:

Northwest Corps: Salem Flamingos, Portland Royal Lancers, Portland Hawks, Tri-city Columbians, and Seattle Imperials.

National Corps: Casper Troopers, Santa Clara Vangard, Anaheim Kingsmen, Racine Kilties, and a percussion staff member for the Concord Blue Devils. An ex-Ranger also won the DCI individual snare title for two years in a row.

Rangers folded in 1974. All the other Oregon corps except for one in Salem was gone by 1979.

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Pendleton Rangers

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