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2005 411 66.500 (Repertoire not available)  
2007 417 62.500 (Repertoire not available)  
2011 Artistry in Rhythm * Take the 'A' Train * Sing Sing Sing  
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2002, A New Beginning!
After a hugely successful Pembroke Imperials reunion in the summer of 2002, The Imperials Alumni decided to become an organization once again. A new Imperials Board of Directors was formed in October of 2002 and the board has been raising money and promoting the concept of a new Imperials since then. The Imperials Board of Directors happily reported that after a successful Open House on December 14th, 2003, THEY WE'RE BACK!!!

The Imperials finally "hit the street" on July 4th, 2004, at the Hingham Parade!! It was the main goal for 2004 and it was a success. The corps also managed to appear in the Beverly, MA Holiday Parade to close out the season. In 2004 the Imperials were proud to announce that they were REALLY BACK!

Another winter saw the Imperials organizational growth continue into 2005. The Corps started rehearsing more often and more regularly and began to develop some young new talent and sharpen the more experienced talent. The equipment truck was completely restored to a condition we all are proud of. The corps successfully participated in 4 more parades in 2005 and achieved a major goal of putting together a field performance for the DCA Mini Corps Competition in Scranton, PA on September 2nd, 2005! Getting back onto the field was a major step for the new Imperials and concluded yet another year of growth and successful stories.

The Imperials are ready for the challenges of 2006 and are poised for more growth and fun as an all age drum corps and welcome all who wish to hop aboard a drum corps that is building in real momentum! We are a quality drum corps but we want to be a bigger quality drum corps. Stay tuned!!

After experiencing initial success in the reformation of the corps between 2003 and 2006, The year 2006 turned out to be first transitional year of the second era. For the first time some goals set were not met and the corps opted not to perform at Rochester that year. This had to do with the corps experiencing a turnover in some of the membership at an inopportune time. But the corps still decided to make the trip to Rochester, to watch the DCA weekend festivities. The trip had a positive affect on our young members -who were learning the meaning of drum corps.

By September 2006 the corps had reached a crossroads where it would have been real easy to take one path and pack it in and give up, or take the other challenging road and press ahead. As of this writing it is March, 2007, and the Imperials are happy to report that the more challenging path was chosen by the fine members -especially the younger ones. They decided that they were going to be the ones to push forward.

As a consequence, the Imperials came through the challenges of 2006 not only intact, but stronger than ever! The membership has resolved to be there for the long haul and the revolving door of members which was existing has essentially stopped. The nucleus has never been better and because of it we are beginning to grow, in a more solid way we had hoped for. It is more fun than ever to be around this dynamic group. In addition, we finally purchased new real uniforms with hard cash and have hired the expert instruction of Bill Solari, on Brass and David Roy, on Percussion. We are now poised to return to the DCA weekend, vastly improved over 2005. We welcome all who want to continue with us in our journey!

Adding more new history to the Imperials, the corps pulled off a very well performed show at the DCA 2007 Mini Corps Competition, in Rochester , NY on August 31. Appearing in their new uniforms the corps looked impressive and sounded very good as they captured 17th place in the National Show.

Going up against some stiff and seasoned competition, the Imperials held their own and showed that truly belonged amongst a group of fabulous Mini Corps. The corps performed the Latin opener of Tiger of San Pedro and finished with fiery Spanish music from Estancia. The one thing people noticed was that the corps was the only one in this category which was comprised of mostly young people. Without exception, all the other groups in this show were all adults, over the age of 20, with far more average experience. The Imperials youth didn't seem to matter much however, as they finished very respectably.

After participating in the Mini Corps competition on Friday evening, the corps membership was treated to two more days of excellent performances at the Patec Park Stadium, a brand spanking new downtown stadium. It was a great experience for the new members as they got to see what all the Drum Corps excitement is about.

More change, more challenge. 2008 saw us continuing on our journey as an organization. To describe it as smooth sailing would not be telling the truth. The winter months went well with the horn line but the drums had to opt for a hiatus due to the fact that we had to find a new percussion instructor. This caused a little more upheaval in the percussion membership. Towards spring however, we were able to secure the services of the highly regarded Mr. Paul Pitts and the corps marched in the Abington St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Paul did great work with the drums over the spring and into the summer months. In May, the Corps lost a true Imperial in the untimely passing of our equipment manager, Martin “Marty” Cahill. It was a loss of a true brother and corps alumni. We will always remember Marty fondly.

Late spring into summer the corps marched in the Pembroke Memorial Day Parade and the Hingham and Braintree Forth of July parades. By summer’s end we determined that, due to the winter hiatus of the percussion section, it was best not to try and cram for the DCA Mini Corps Show. So we decided to skip 2008. Seems like our track record for going to DCA is every other year!

2009 is shaping up well with the addition of another Percussion Instructor, Mr. Jeff Andrade. Jeff is a product of Berklee College of Music and the mighty Dartmouth, MA H.S. Indians Marching Band drum line. Jeff has been taught by the best and is proving a crucial addition to our staff to move the Imperials forward. The corps has also moved it’s home base to Abington, MA and it is working out extremely well.

[Submitted by John Stark 2/2/2010]

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