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Carlstadt, NJ United States

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The C-W Townsmen, formed in 1880, was a junior marching and maneuvering corps based in Carlstaft, New Jersey. It was organized by the Gen. George A. Custer Post 17, Grand Army of the Republic.

In 1880, the corps rehearsed in Zimmermann's Shooting Gallery, perhaps considered the only appropriate place for such a noisy bunch.

The corps was sponsored by Wood Ridge American Legion Post 97 in the 1960s.

The corps’ colors were blue, white and gold.

When the Townsmen merged with the Meadowlarks in 1976 to form the Royal Brigade, they had existed for 96 years, the second oldest corps ever at that time (second only to the 1767 Mattatuck Drum Band, since surpassed by the U.S. Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps).

[Encyclopedia of Drum and Bugle Corps, 1966; rec.arts.marching.drumcorps 9/28/01; DCW, 6/29/90, p.2]
"meet the C-W Townsmen"
" Each year, television viewers in the Greater New York area are being treated to a prominent reportage and view of the C-W Townsmen Junior Drum & Bugle Corps of Wood-Ridge, N,J., during the Coloumbus Day Parade up Fifth Avenue in New York City. In addition, more than 2 million homes throughout the State of New Jersey received a special write-up, two yeasrs ago, about this award- winning Corps in "Tel-News" which is being mailed every month to every telephone subscriber in the state.
Who are the C-W Townsmen?
Being the oldest continuously active corps in the United States, the C-W Townsmen were originally organized on May 1, 1880. The sponsor of this early unit was the Custer Post No. 17, Grand Army of the Republic. Meetings and rehearsals were held, at that time, in one of Carlstadt's oldest landmarks, Zimmermann's Shooting Gallery, long since gone.
Those were the days of gas lights, horse-drawn buggies and potbellied stoves; consequently, the boys were required to donate their share of the wood and coal to fight the wintry blasts.
Later followed participation in historic events, including their attendance at General Grant's funeral in 1885, and the campaigning for President of Benjamin Harrison in 1888.
In the fall of 1888, the name "Carlstadt Fife, Drum & Bugle Corps" was adopted, and the corps participated in many parades throughout the east. Some of the trophies received during those days are hand-made antique masterpieces treasured by the corps.
In 1962, the name was changed to "C-W Townsmen", short for Carlstadt and Wood-Ridge Townsmen; the corps is now sponsored by American Legion Post 97, known throughout the country for their outstanding keen interest in youth activities and community projects.
Director of the corps is Charles Weir who was president of the Garden State M&M Circuit in 1966; Assistant Director is Mike Lia. Instructor on horns is Bill Carrig who also teaches M&M; Art Mura teaches on drums; Color Guard instructor is Chuck Bishop, Drum Major of the famous Hawthorne Caballeros; Jack Polmann handles the Treasury; Quartermasters are Jack O'Brien and Gene Parciasepe. Publicity for the corps is being handled by D. Babbitt and Fred H. Thiedeitz, Publisher of "Fanfare" Magazine; writer of the weekly "Drum and Bugle Corps Report" column in the Herald-News, one of New Jersey's largest daily newspapers; the Corps' Business Manager and the Digest's "New Jersey Calling" column.
The Drum Majors of the C-W Townsmen are Gary Schweikert and Mike Lia Jr.; Denise Kolbusz is the Color Guard Captain with Chris Olencki being Co-Captain.
Being members of the Garden State M&M and the Liberty Color Guard Circuits, the C-W Townsmen are one of the most active and progressive corps in the east.
Presently, the C-W Townsmen field 75 youngsters in the age group of 13-18 years; with more than 150 youngsters in the corps, the C-W Townsmen have established a special parade unit for those of 10-12 years of age.
The corps is being guided by the C-W Townsmen Committee, of which Erich Schweikert is President and Mike Slawsky is Secretery, as well as an extremely active Ladies Auxiliary. Both groups are made up entirely of parents of corps members.
With such a backing, it is no wonder that the youngsters rather miss watching their favorite TV program than being absent from rehearsals."
[From the May 1969 issue of DCD]

Members (12)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Chavez, Joe Flugle/Mellophone 1974 to 1976
Evans, Rich French Horn 1967 to 1968
Faul, Rich Brass 1970 to 1976
Kamphausen, Robin Color Guard 1963 to 1970
kronyak jr, nicholas contra base 1970 to 1974
Mayer, Robert Baritone 1972 to 1976
Mobilia, Ross Flugel 1969 to 1974
Mulcair, Trish Baritone 1972 to 1976
Paiotti, Jo Ann Soprano 1966 to 1976
Pasquino, Vinnie Drum Line 1976
Taylor, Kathy Brass 1973 to 1976
Wilkie, Brian Soprano 1975 to 1976

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