Imperial Cadets

Portland, OR United States
Founded: 1965

Inactive Junior
1972 (Repertoire not available)  
Position 200+ indicates Division II, Position 300+ indicates Division III, Position 400+ indicates Mini Corps.

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       "Imperial Cadets 
   Portland, Oregon

A young corps is coming into the spotlight of Northwest drum corps.

Entering the competition circuit in 1966, the Imperial Cadets climbed to Class "A" by 1970 and up to the Oregon State American Legion Champions the following year. At the state contest, the Cadets took many firsts, including "Best Bugle Section" along with a fine drum line. To add to their big win, 
Drum Major Sharon Wirfs walked off with the "Top Drum Major" award.  The Imperial Cadets were growing up.

As a busy season drew to a close, the Cadets sponsored their first and very successful show, "The Chrome Circus". Happy and proud, the Cadets are seeing to it that the 1972 season will see an even bigger and better IMPERIAL CADETS.

With the new season now in gear, the corps is hard at work. Fielding 36 horns and 20 percussion, the Director and Instructional staff came up with a challenging musical program which the musical section felt they were ready for. Here is a summary of their program: The corps is opening with "Waterloo", arranged by Scott Pierson of Santa Clara, followed by "1812 Overture", also a Pierson arrangement. Next is a drum solo by McCormick. Going into concert with a beautiful and difficult arrangement of "Night City" by Bob Bunce. Out of concert is a spirited "Zippity-doo-da" arrangement by Mike Duffy. Gustave Holtz "Jupitar" arranged by Dave Richards is their exit number.

With a program of this caliber and a new field drill by Scott Pierson, the corps is really looking forward to many hard hours of practice and a successful new season.

Along with growth and effort to continue climbing, changes have been made throughout the corps, management and instructional staffs, and parents booster club. New equipment and uniforms to replace or supplement older gear has been obtained along with a large equipment truck to haul it around in. New enthusiasm is spreading throughout the corps, and with a bit more "sunshine", the Imperial Cadets will bloom.

The sponsors of this fine, young group are: V.F.W. Post 1442, 91st Division American Legion Post 52, Cootie Pup Tent #1, and, American legion Post 146."

[From the April 1972 Vol. 2 No. 3 Drum Corps America]
This corps was incorporated in October 1966. The Imperial Cadets are sponsored by post NO 1442 VFW, Prip Tent NO. 1, Military Order of the Cooties, and Southeast Post NO. 1 American Legion. Its officers in 1970 are : Director, Don Worth, Business Manager - Ross Johnson, Assistant Business Manager - Rich Afolter, Parent Rep. - Lyle Wirf, Bugle Instructor Gary Guthman, Drum Instructors - Don & Melba Worth, Drill Instructors - Earl England & Sgt. Toni Rizzuto, USMC, Color Guard Instructors - Susan and Judy Schindele."

[From the Spartans of Vancouver, WA Sat July 8th 1989 Drum Corps Spectacular Program.]

Members (4)

Member Name Section Years Involved
Jones, David Drum Major 1970
McCall, Mike Soprano/Mellophone 1970 to 1973
McCall, Mike Horn Line 1970 to 1974
Salmon, Steve Baritone 1972

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Imperial Cadets

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Imperial Cadets

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Imperial Cadets

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Imperial Cadets

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